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Latex plus Foam Mattresses


Latex Plus Mattress Specifications

  • Layers from top to bottom:
  • Zippered, removable double jacquard outer cover w/ non-slip bottom
  • 2″ of 3 lb All Natural Latex memory foam
  • 3.5″ of 1838  base foam
  • 3.5″ of 1830 foam
  • Total height of 9″
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified

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See a great video on what makes Latex Mattresses so fantastic. Also includes Natural Latex Mattresses

Nothing feels more relaxing than one of our super cushion, highly resilient latex mattresses.

Once you spend the night on a latex mattress, you’ll wonder how you ever slept without one. Latex dynamically conforms to you, providing superior support and pressure relief. No more aching back caused by insufficient support, no more aches and pains caused by inadequate pressure relief. See why latex is the fastest growing segment of the mattress industry.

By gently conforming to every contour of the body, latex provides superior back support and outstanding pressure relief. Relieving pressure reduces the tossing and turning that interrupts sleep and brings needed oxygen and nutrients to tired, aching muscles. Latex naturally provides a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep.

Tapping Into a Natural Resource:

Derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis, or Rubber Tree, latex is the most naturally cushioning material available. Latex is harvested in much the same way as maple syrup from the maple tree. The milky white latex is converted into a mattress or pillow in special molds and then undergoes four rinsing processes to eliminate odors. It is also the most durable.

Health Benefits of Latex:

Latex is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. It’s ecologically-friendly and has less chemical properties and therefore less detrimental impacts to the environment.

Additional Benefits:

Designed for “breathability” with an open cell structure and special “pin core” construction latex allows for ventilation of body heat. It also keeps moisture from building up next to your body.

THE TALALAY PROCESS         Our premium latex mattresses use only the highest quality latex, made using the Talalay process. This process provides a superior cell structure, a greater range of firmness, and the highest possible uniformity, to provide ultimate comfort and support. It is the most environmentally friendly processes known to produce latex. (Absolutely no fillers or shortcuts are used in process.) It is by far the best known material for latex mattresses. offering ILD’s from 20 to 45.