Custom Adjustable Bed & Mattress System

The only Adjustable Bed Mattress with MATTRESS LOCK so important with Split Queen and Dual King. 416-554-4241


We are the only company that offers different firmness levels in the adjustable bed industry so you have a choice. We know that mattress changes are stressful and require time to get used to so we suggest you give our mattress a fair period of at least two weeks. Therefore we give you over 4 weeks to acclimate.

We have two firmness levels. #8 Medium, #9 Firm. Normally #8 is perfect but if not, we will change if for you to either #9 firmer.

Do you want additional service? Yes we can create a custom mattress for any client but strongly suggest you go no softer than our #8 and no firmer than our #9. Custom mattresses add to the cost for materials, labour and possible shipping. Do you want something super special? Just ask for a quote and let us design for you.

Prefer latex? If you insist on latex let us know. We only provide the real thing. Except no substitutes. Charges apply.

Prefer other foams like memory? We can even do that for you. Charges may apply. Just ask.