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Why buy a Split Queen also called Dual Queen?

Many homes including condos have small bedrooms and can not fit a King or Dual King 78×80 Adjustable Bed so the answer has always been a Queen sized 60×80. The problem is, the Queen will only give you one remote control so there is no individual control. Both partners are either up or down. The solution, “Split Queens” is a queen with two controls. Each Split Queen also called Dual Queen, can now have control over their own side. It is really the only way to fully enjoy your adjustable beds.

Split Queen and Dual Queen are the same thing and are really just smaller Dual Kings.


Split Queen shown with Mattress Lock retention to prevent splitting so no metal bar required.

Why do so few companies sell Split Queens, Dual Queens?

There are very few companies selling Split Queens because cutting a 60 inch wide Queen in half makes each 30×80 mattress very small and clients do not like the split running down the middle of their bed. In fact, that split will open up the second you land on it. The beds will split apart ruining your evening. We would never want one in our homes. Meeting in the middle for any reason is almost impossible and you end up with your partner on the couch or worse, not meeting in the middle at all. We fixed the Split Queen problem.

Split Queens Split Marriages


How did we fix the Split Queen problem?

Simple. We developed “Mattress Lock’. As well as the 4 other reasons our mattress is better “Mattress Lock” makes everything great again. By making our own custom made mattresses we can install your mattress instead of just putting it on top of the frame to slip and slide. Our install makes the Split Queen 98% the same as and actual uncut queen. Meet in the middle any time you want, bounce around and have a great time and your Split Queen Mattresses will stay together. We guarantee it. What a difference this will make to your marriage and sleep. I would not have a split queen or dual king without it.


How we fixed the Adjustable Bed secret.

Why meet in the middle?

With each mattress only 30 inches wide it is hard to be with your partner on one side so meeting in the middle is the only way. This can not happen on a standard Split Dual Queen as the beds will almost instantly start splitting apart. Not quite as bad on a Dual King it is still terrible. With “Mattress Lock” this will not be a problem. Yes you can feel the split but it is not a problem and you can consider growing your family with more children or just reading together or cuddling for T.V. When you see photos of adjustable beds they always show meeting in the middle but in reality this is impossible without “Mattress Lock”.


Couple meet in the middle of our adjustable beds.

Why Have I never heard of the Secret Problem?

Simple. They can not fix it so why tell you about it? They will probably lose the Split Queen sale and as it even happens with Dual King they will scare you away. And if you are smart you will agree and not purchase. Thank goodness we fixed it.


What about the Steel Retaining bar they supply at the foot of the bed?

That bar is only for preventing forward sliding, not sideways. When you put the head up it acts like having a mattress on a hill and it will slide forwards, down the hill up to 3 feet. The retainer bar does help keep the mattress on the bed in the one direction but it does nothing for the splitting problem we call one of the industries Top Secrets. Split Queens and Dual Kings for that matter will split and it is horrible.

Do your Split Queens Plank and what is Planking.

Planking happens when you try to bend your mattress into the upright position. A 10 inch thick mattress is not meant to bend and so will try to stay straight. This causes planking where the bed rises from the platform. It is uncomfortable and unsightly and something you never see in photographs. Retailers actually show manipulated mattresses with either photoshop or somehow glued to the frame, even though you will not get one that way. Is that dishonest? We think so. Again, our custom adjustable bed mattress is installed and that really helps preventing planking as well as splitting in your Dual Kings and Split Queens.

What is planking and does it effect my Split Queen or Dual King?


Planking explained. What is planking?

Why are you the only one fixing Split Queens and Dual Kings?

It is all about the money of course. Most companies want to drop the beds at your doorstep unless they can charge you for bringing it upstairs for you. Some will even put the mattress on the frame for you as long as it fast and makes them a profit. We understand profit. It is a good thing but not at your loss. We insist in staying with you and installing the mattresses so your Split Queen does not split. Yes it cost us and yes we can do less deliveries in a day but being a customer of my own product I know it to be incredibly important. So we do it. Our mattress is even design for it.

Don’t split up over your Split Queen.

Do not split up over your Split Queen