Mattress 10 Year Limited Warranty

This warranty rivals any of our competitors in both fairness  and coverage. Of course it would be unfair to use a mattress for years and then receive a new one so we all use a post rated system as shown below. Ours is just better.

Year 1-2 Full replacement of your mattress core making it virtually new.

Years 3-10 Credit towards new mattress as follows:

Year 3 – 75% off new core.

Year 4 – 65% off new core.

Year 5 – 50% off new core.

Year 6 – 40% off new core.

Year 7 – 30% off new core.

Year 8 – 25% off new core.

Year 9 – 25% off new core.

Year 10 – 25% off new core.


Damage must be factory. No coverage extended to accidental or client damage.

We will require visual evidence either by visit or photographs showing damage. Method to be determined at the time of the complaint.