Custom Adjustable Bed & Mattress System

The only Adjustable Bed Mattress with MATTRESS LOCK so important with Split Queen and Dual King. 416-554-4241

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. My family started this in 1976 and we are at 43 years and counting.
We are the Adjustable Bed Experts.

Q Do you have the rare “Split Queen”  Yes we are the last in Canada.

Q. “Are the big name brands better?”

A. Not necessarily. Mattresses consist of two main components, the Cover and the Interior Foam. Most of us use the same Cover and Foam Manufacturers. There are very few foam manufacturers in North America and so most of us buy from the same ones. We like Carpenter as they are considered the best and we feel as long as you are sleeping on the best, you have the best. After that, you are often just paying huge money for marketing.

Q. I know you use Carpenter Foam but they make many qualities and we want the best.

A. Carpenter has released their best ever and we have it. Just check out Serene  Foam and you will see why they call it the best ever.

Q. What about the security of buying from a bigger store?

A. Again, there are very few actual Adjustable Bed Frame manufacturers so many times you are seeing the same beds with different names. They keep you confused on purpose so that it is impossible for you to price match.  We use Leggett and Platt adjustable bed frames with an independent 25 year pro rated warranty so you are covered by a multi billion dollar 140 year old company regardless of where you purchase. Recently L&P dropped the Split Queen so we have had to add our own Electramatic brand as well.

Q. What about Comfort Policies. Some companies make you purchase a special cover to activate the policy.

A. At Dominion Therapy we want you to sleep directly on the mattress you purchased. It is of excellent quality and therefore you should be on it. The extra cover you are purchasing form others is simply an upgrade purchase and is more like buying the comfort policy that we supply free of charge. No topper required.

Q. Won’t my mattress get dirty without a topper?

A. We provide a zipper on our mattresses for easy cleaning. Just Use your washer on hand wash or equivalent and the hang to dry and you will always have a new looking cover. Then vacuum the mattress surface when the cover is off and you will know it is cleaner.