Our Advantage Checklist

1/ We only sell Leggett and Platt adjustable beds with over 40 years since 1976. We know all client concerns & have improved on them.
2/ We keep overhead low while offering great pricing but have the best warranties in the business.
3/ Delivery includes full setup.
4/ No up selling, hidden extras or commission based agents.

The Custom Mattress

With our 30 Night Comfort Policy and other great features including:
Easy Bend Created in our custom mattress to assure that the mattress will conform to any position without the worry of voiding
a standard mattress warranty as most flat mattresses do not bend and warranty may be voided.
Easy Lock Prevents your Split Queen or King from separating throughout the night. The steel bar provided with other companies
only prevents slipping down, not separating, looks unsightly and also makes it hard to make the bed. Standard mattress are not fitted
with Easy Lock and will separate if a knee or elbow pushes them apart making them potentially dangerous and unsightly.
. Serene Foam by Carpenter Canada. Cooler, more comfortable, more durable. Canada’s best foam.
Certi-Pure Certified. No off gassing and tested to rigorous standards to be safe and odor free too.
. Removable outer cover for easy washing. Keep you mattress looking new and smelling sweet.
Sleep Number. Yes, we have soft,medium and firm available and will give you 30 nights to Love it or Change it.
. Hygienic Inner cover guarantees cleaner more hygienic comfort. Vacuum surface anytime to keep it fresh too.

The Adjustable Bed Frame

We sell Leggett and Platt adjustables only. Yes we love their service and quality and only sell their beds. We have had others but now refuse to sell them. We have many models available to us but have found the best value for your money with the three models we offer. Our Favorite model has it all including:
Snore feature. Use this feature to automatically put your bed down if you want so you are not sitting up all night.
Adjustable legs. Change the height to match any bed style.
25 year limited warranty. Yes, you get the same 1-800 number for service as offered by the big box stores.
Lighted under bed for your safety. Back lit remote. Built in flash light.
Massage with individual head and foot controls and 3 types of Wave Action.
Zero gravity position, for the perfect rest and comfort.
Memory button for your own personal preferences.
Wall Hugger. Makes it easier to reach your night stand when the bed is up and keeps you beside your partner too.

Better pricing. Low overhead. No commissions.
More knowledge. We specialize in adjustables and the custom mattress required for them.