Custom Adjustable Bed & Mattress System

The only Adjustable Bed Mattress with MATTRESS LOCK so important with Split Queen and Dual King. 416-554-4241

The SPLIT QUEEN is the size of a standard queen, 60×80 but has been cut down the middle so that you and your partner can control their side of the bed. Just like a dual king, the split queen offers choice and individual comfort and can fit in any standard queen frame so if you have smaller space you can still own and adjustable bed. Our customers wanted them so we made them and we are the last company in Canada selling split queen

Why can we sell Split Queen when others stopped?

The split queen is a standard queen cut in half so each side is rather small at 30×80. This is a problem for other companies but since we have Mattress Lock Retention our mattress do not split apart when used so effectively stay 60×80 making them comfortable and big enough for anyone using a standard queen.

Split Queen is like Dual King but Smaller

Split Queen is 60×80 overall where Dual King is 78×80. Both are fantastic.

Split Queens stay together.